Keeping warm by the open fire in a cottage living room.: cottage, living room, interior design, decor, decoration, inspirations, fireplace, wood, floor, διακόσμηση, καθιστικό, τζάκι,

Elements of a Cottage Garden: a butterfly garden, a small water feature, curved paths, quiet sitting areas, seasonal plants and an herb garden. Plus, a burst of color from traditional cottage garden plants like hollyhocks, foxglove, four o’clock, delphiniums, daisies, coneflowers, Echinaceas and last but certainly not least, lovely roses.

Did you like the fairy garden collection we’ve shown you in the past? Then you’re going to like this idea even more! diyprojects.ideas… Stone houses possess that magical beauty which make miniature versions of them perfect for fairy gardens! Do you want to have an enchanting fairy stone house in your yard? Then build a miniature stone house now!